When Beauty Conquers All

Five Incomparable Spots on O’ahu

From the beautiful beaches to the mountains, Oʻahu is known for its picturesque spots. When you are engaged, you want silly, romantic, playful, but most of all, EPIC photos to remember this unforgettable time in your life. Whether you are kamaʻāina(local) to Oʻahu or malihini (visitor), we are excited to share 5 of our favorite photo spots with you! 

1) Tantalus

For kamaʻāina, you may recall venturing up here on school field trips, but do you remember how absolutely beautiful this view is?! Every time we visit this picturesque spot, we find something new to love, whether it’s the whitewash of the waves below, the tall giants of downtown and Waikiki, or the way the banyan and kukui trees sway in the wind. So many EPIC spots to achieve stunning shots atop a mountain.

2) Kaneohe Sandbar

Got a boat? Know someone with a boat? Surrounded by the majestic Koʻolau mountains, you find the Kāneʻohe sandbar. Fine white sand, coral reef, and turquoise waters would be magical for a one-of-a-kind photo shoot. There's really not much to say but instead, let this place speak for itself and be a must-see experience.

3) Hoʻomaluhia

If you haven’t seen it on Instagram yet, we are happy to introduce you to one of the most beautiful gardens on Oʻahu. Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Gardens are nestled right up against the Koʻolau mountains and are truly a lush slice of paradise! Although you may want to bring bug spray along for the ride, you do not want to miss the memorable photos with your loved one here! The backdrop is to die for and the fragrance of the flowers makes it hard to leave.

4) Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is one of the most popular tourist attractions to get a glimpse of life in the coral reefs, but have you even looked at it from above? With just a walk up a (fairly steep) paved path, you will find the most iconic view of Hanauma Bay. The alluring scenery of mountains framing the blue waters of the bay and continuing throughout the shoreline is unlike any other. But hold onto your hats, it can get windy up there! 

5. Royal Hawaiian

Finally, let’s bring it back to Waikiki to the infamous “Pink Palace.” The iconic Royal Hawaiian Hotel was built in 1927 and continues to attract lovebirds, newlyweds, families, and travelers from around the globe. With beachfront cabanas and the most beautiful green lawns, a few poses with your fiancé is a must! Not to mention the aftermath of awesome lūʻau shows in the area.

Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens
Koko Head
Hanauma Bay
Stairway to Heaven
Lanikai Pill Boxes

Obviously, there are many more beautiful spots to take EPIC photos in Hawaiʻi, but we canʻt give it all away here. Inquire and stay tuned for more secrets and top spots of actual epic portraits we've accumulated over the years around the island and state of Hawaiʻi. Join our private VIP FB Group here to get more insight on Shots Hawaii and how we can capture your special moments.