Wedding Planning on a Budget?

Try these creative, but practical ideas!

Yes, you can have a one-of-a-kind wedding without going broke. We gathered these budget-friendly wedding ideas! You're not alone if you find yourself Googling "budget wedding ideas" or "low-cost wedding ideas". Given that weddings are already considered to be a huge price that couples and parents save for, couples are getting extra creative on how to have a budget-friendly wedding of their dreams.

It's true that few events in your life will cost as much as your wedding day, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on it. Planners recommend that the first step in arranging a budget-friendly wedding without losing quality be determining a realistic budget that you can adhere to and hiring a planner to assist you to see this budget through.

Even if you initially think of a wedding planner as an extra expense, their extensive network of contacts may oftentimes save you a lot of money. Connect with planners who have made a career out of producing the type of wedding you want, and who also have the creative team to pull it off.

Where should you splurge? What do you want to save money on? This will be different for each couple because everyone has their own set of goals for their big day. Instead of attempting to save money on every detail, every couple should consider the aspects of a wedding that are most important to them and invests in those areas. Remember that quality outweighs quantity, focus on saving rather than cutting corners. Sacrificing quality causes unpleasant obstacles or stress for the couple, as well as causing last-minute additional wedding fees to cover up blunders.

Check out these 6 budget-friendly ideas to pull off your dream wedding!

1.     Reduce the number of people on your guest list

A modest wedding guest list, including just family members and closest friends, is all the trend these days, especially in light of the epidemic. By doing so, you may save enough money to focus on your top goals without sacrificing quality.

2.     Prioritize what you consider "nice to have" vs "need to have"

Decide what is most important to you! Keep this commitment to yourself, for example, you’ve always wanted a live band instead of a DJ. To make up for the difference in budget, you'll have to make cuts in another area. Getting down with your spouse from the start and identifying the "nice to have" and "need to have" parts to assist you figure out where to put your money and how much money you have left to spend on the luxuries. At the end of the day, your guests will only know what they see and experience, not what the wedding could have been. You can't go wrong focusing your finances on the most vital essential factors and one or two key elements that mean most to you!

3.     Consider a weekday or an off-peak season wedding

Weekend wedding dates are becoming more and more popular! Before the epidemic, Saturday was by far the most popular day of the week for weddings, which implies that all other days of the week, including Fridays, are generally less expensive. Monday through Thursday will provide you more freedom with your creative wedding team, who will be more available on those days. We also recommend inquiring about the off-peak periods with your dream wedding venue! Follow this advice…you may be able to book your favorite location at any time of year!

4.     Choose flowers that are in season all year

Baby's breath, calla lilies, carnations, gardenias, orchids, roses, hydrangeas, and, of course, greenery are among the many bridal flowers that are in season all year. Inquire with your florist about how they recommend getting your desired look in a cost-effective manner, as well as whether their supply is from a local grower. Be adaptable when it comes to wedding design and style. You may prefer towering flower arrangements on each table, but to save money, alternate high and low wedding centerpieces for your tables or alternate floral centerpieces with vases with floating candles. You may save anywhere from 10% to 20% on your wedding decor and flower budget!

5.     Consider a minimalistic bar

It may come as a surprise to find that one of the most notable wedding costs that couples encounter while organizing their big day is alcohol. Limit the open bar to wine, beer, and a signature cocktail rather of a complete, top-shelf open bar (which is a great gesture but not totally necessary). Guests can still partake in alcoholic beverages during cocktail hour and the reception, and they are unlikely to notice the difference.

6.     Don't get too worked up over little details

Fancy guest books, extravagant wedding favors, and the light up accessories that get passed around on the dance floor are items that don't always deliver a lot of return on investment. Keep in mind that your guests are there to watch you and your spouse make a lifetime commitment to one other and to celebrate with you. There isn't much more that can be done to improve their guest experience than by simply being there.