Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding Venue

Your wedding day = MAGICAL

Unfortunately, you can’t just tap a magic wand like in the movies, and wedding planning is going to take a lot of work. But it will all be worth it on that magical day when the fairytale you are imagining comes to life! 

Let’s jump in! 

One of the biggest decisions you make is choosing a venue for your wedding and/or reception. Will it be an outdoor venue or an indoor venue? Let’s look at some pros and cons of each to make the best decision for you!

Indoor Wedding Venue

PRO - Weather Control

Unlike outdoor weddings, indoor weddings are not affected by unpredictable weather. Fortunately, it doesn't rain inside (unless it's a notebook wedding and you choose to include weather effects), so you can prepare and plan accordingly. 

CON – Openness 

Unfortunately, indoor wedding venues do not always have the openness of an outdoor wedding venue. When planning a large number of guests, seating limits can become an issue with crowded areas. Additionally, the enclosed space can be challenging for photographers who are looking to capture every special moment, especially with natural lighting. 

PRO - DIY and Creativity 

Some people are afraid of decoration and DIY projects, but indoor weddings are perfect for those who want to embrace them. Choosing an indoor wedding venue is an easy way to emphasize your wedding theme. In the indoor space, you can choose the background, aisle flowers, overhangs, etc. without worrying that the outside weather will damage the decoration. This way, you can complete your theme and implement all the ideas from your carefully thought-out Pinterest board. 

CON - Expenses 

On the contrary to an outdoor venue, expenses can also be disadvantageous based on the additional cost of decoration. Decorations to complement the theme, including flowers, backdrops, lighting, and other decors will quickly increase the cost. Even the fanciest hotels require a little more decoration than outdoor venues. Keep your budget in mind when making dream wedding decisions!

Outdoor Wedding Venue

 PRO - Cost 

Outdoor weddings can be more budget-friendly than indoor weddings. With lush gardens, vast mountains and scenic shorelines, an outdoor wedding in Hawaiʻi is a naturally gorgeous backdrop. Therefore, with beautiful views built-in, you don't need a lot of additional decoration. One of the areas where you can save a lot is the florist. Nature provides the organic and soft feel you crave at no additional cost. An outdoor wedding venue can keep things simple and make your wedding more affordable. 

CON - Weather 

Weather can be incredibly unpredictable, even in paradise. Hawaiʻi is known for sunshine, but there are rainy and windy days as well. You may want to consider a backup plan that involves setting up a tent, in the event that the weather does not cooperate on your wedding day. Strong winds can cause frustration when setting up decorations or table settings. Even on the most beautiful sunny day, guests may get too hot and search for a cool, shady space. 

 PRO - Kids 

Outdoor wedding venues can be more family-friendly than indoor wedding venues. Children have more freedom to move freely, as it may create a less formal environment. With the wind blowing and large lawns to walk around, you may have a better chance at keeping children involved on your special day. As a local currently planning my own wedding, this was a big factor in my venue decision! 

CON - Modern amenities 

Natural lighting can be absolutely perfect, except for the times when it’s not. The quality of your wedding photos may depend on it!

A convenience you may not consider…the restroom. Some outdoor venues require you to rent a portable lavatory, which can be expensive, depending on the number of guests at the wedding. 

So how do you choose? 

Do you enjoy the creative preparation of an indoor chic vibe? Or are you more of wind in your hair, sun on your face type of couple? 

Do you envision adults formally sitting around tables that have been so carefully thought out? Or do you see a more family-friendly environment with adults and children mingling on the lawn? There are so many pros to both an indoor and outdoor wedding venue. Dream up your wedding, your details, your vibe, your guest list, and off to more planning you go!