Yesterday morning came quick but the weather still remained gloomy and rainy. Nevertheless, we were all positive to get some good shots as well as talk story sessions. Chantelle and Kuali woke up super early to meet me for what was supposed to be a nice sunrise shoot, turned into a fun, positive, balloon chasing, happy photo taking experience. Kuali was such a sport and had some good ideas for different shots. His mom, Chantelle, was a natural and so comfortable in front of the camera.

There was a moment in our shoot where I told Kuali to jump on three with his balloon. As soon as he did, the wind snapped it out of his hand and the chase began. It made its way to the water in the lagoon where all hope was lost and Kuali couldnʻt hold back his tears and shame. But moments after, we decided to try and find it, feeling hopeful and positive we would get it back. After making our way around the bend and searching between the rocks, a huge smile emerged on Kualiʻs face, excited to have his balloon back, it made room for more happy photos.